In a world of limited resources, where should you spend your time, energy, and money?


Whether your business is large
or small
you’re faced with a digital dilemma


More leads, more sales, more exposure. Whatever the goal, you’re responsible for moving the needle for you or your company.


You’re an expert. You built the product, started the company, created the team. Now you’re tasked with being a digital guru too?

Don’t worry… I have a plan

You’re probably familiar with Abraham Maslow and his Hierarchy of Needs.

If you don’t remember your high school psychology, Maslow stated that one must satisfy lower-level needs (e.g. food, water, shelter), before progressing on to higher level needs (relationships, prestige).

If you’re worried about where to get your next meal, or whether you’re going to freeze, whether or not you’re part of the “in” crowd is not important.

Well there’s a digital hierarchy too.

Mitigate Risk.
Maximize Return.

Just like Maslow’s Hierarchy, the 10Points Digital Hierarchy is an approach that works to ensure that lower-level needs are completed before moving on to higher-level tactics and strategies.

For example, and to put it quite bluntly…

  • don’t worry about retargeting if your website is not up to par
  • don’t talk about facebook ads if you’re can’t adequately track and analyze traffic
  • don’t focus on search engine optimization if you can’t easily update your website’s content

The key is to NOT get caught up in the buzzwords and trends, to create a structured plan that will provide the best chance to improve your results, and to monitor and adjust based on information instead of feelings.

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